Friday, May 15, 2015

The Fenderson's #pezoutlaw #hollywood #NFTA

Deral F. Fenderson "By the way, some day I would love to hear about the genesis of the Fenderson Family. Because that sounds just like something a crazy person would come up with. Have you ever written about that?"


Oh Buddy. This one, this one is a little known yet very big deal in the life n times of Pez Outlaw.
Have you ever done something in your life that time just can't seem to outrun.
I don't regret it n I'm definitely not ashamed of it, but I had no idea.

This Fenderson thing just keeps coming.
I still receive letters occasionally from new n old Fenderson Family members.
If I'm not mistaken, I believe that I'm referred to as the Fenderson Family Founding Father?

Okey Dokey here we go, but I have to ask you, people always ask for truth but do they really want that truth.
In the case of the Fenderson's I'm fairly sure that all concerned would prefer the carefully fabricated History of The Fenderson's.
But you asked, so......

Part 1.
In the 1980s I was a very frequent visitor of Goodwill n Salvation Army Stores, hunting for little treasures.
Late in 1980s (?1988-1992ish) while on a visit I found about 100+ green Fenderson Family reunion t-shits in various sizes for sale at about 25cents each.
Being a lover of a big pile of anything, I bought them all.

Part 2.
Gerald n Vernie Nichols have been dear friends of ours since the very first day we moved to the country 40+yrs ago.
Shortly after buying The Fenderson Family Reunion T-shirts we attended one of the friendly functions held by Gerald n Vernie.
I brought an armful of the Fenderson Family Reunion T-shirts to this function along with some Ed Grimly Halloween Masks.

One thing to note, The majority of the folks at this gathering were High School Theater supporters with children in the plays being produced. 
So as you might guess this was the perfect group for what I had in mind.
Kathy n Vernie passed out the T-shirts n masks, many pictures were taken.
The premise was that we were reenacting the Fenderson Family Reunion.

Part 3.
The back-history to/of the Fenderson's.
Quite simple actually.
The entire group of Fenderson Family members was abducted by Aliens at there Family Reunion.
The shirts were then donated to a thrift store.
My job was to reestablish the Fenderson Family.

Part 4.
I started handing out the t-shirts through my mail order business to anyone who wanted to be a Fenderson Family Member by just saying " I am a Fenderson".
Enter Graham Trievel, which might be where the whole thing kinda got away from me n became a life of it's own.
More on Graham Trievel n Discordia below.


Just a little of the online presence of the Fenderson's. 
To be honest, there's so much written online about the Fenderson's, that I've never read most of it.
Discordia is written in a very hard to read style for a person (me) with Dyslexia.

It's almost like if you set out to crack the code of what is impossible for a person with Dyslexia to read, you write Discordia.
I understand how Bizarre n Rich that statement is from the person who wrote Pez Outlaw Diary. 
Trust me I'm very aware of the criticism Pez Outlaw Diary has received for the way it's (I wrote) written.

Problem is that Pez Outlaw Diary is my rabbit hole.
No matter how hard I try I can't seem to fix it.
All I seem to do is add odd little rooms in the wrong locations.

My hope n dream is that Jeff Maysh fixes it.


Fenderson Discordian Graham Trievel explains

Fenderson -
"A Fenderson is a member of a family you can join by saying you are one. Yes, anybody who wants to be a Fenderson can be a Fenderson. Just say these three words, 'I'm a Fenderson.' It's as simple as that."
-- Fenderson Discordian Graham Trievel, in the Introduction of Principia Discordia.

You can also be made a Fenderson because someone says you are one...

I, Stompy Fenderson, hereby declare that you are a Fenderson.
So... now that you are a Fenderson, just add 'Fenderson' to your existing name, or give yourself a new name and add Fenderson to it.
The rule of being a Fenderson is this: "you must at all times keep in touch with other Fendersons". This is best accomplished by making everyone you meet a Fenderson. 


Deral, Graham..........
Feel free to contact me with further info you feel should be included.  
I know that there is more, I just can't remember it. 
This Fenderson thing is 25+yrs old now.

The thing with the Fenderson's is this.
I do what I do then I walk away thinking that's it.
Then like today 25yrs later, here I am talking about it again. 

If some of those early Fenderson pictures surface I will publish them here. 
Vernie, got any? you can use a digilal phone etc n take a pic of a pic.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Children of Playboy #pezoutlaw #hollywood

To Hef n my misspent youth, it is what it is.
I look back on my life n my time as Pez Outlaw seems like a movie I saw not a decade I lived.

With the passing of Hugh Hefner another icon of my youth is gone.
I grew up with Playboy magazine n I admit I never read the articles.
I never got to appear on the Roy Rogers show but I did have a story about me appear in the 2015 issue of Playboy magazine.
This Michigan Farmer Made $4 Million Smuggling Rare Pez ... - Playboy

Of all the young males I grew up n worked as an adult with who worshiped Playboy magazine, I was the one who had a story about himself published in our Bible.
My guess is it came as quite a surprise to everyone I shared my youth with.

Playboy magazine was a very big deal to all the males I grew up with, which is why I had to grin when Jeff Maysh asked me if I was OK with my story being published in Playboy.
Women who never would've purchased an issue of Playboy prior to my story being in it asked me to sign there copy.

By most standards of my youth having my story told in Playboy should have been the pinnacle of my life.
Add to that, a picture of me a grizzled old man was along side of the last woman to pose nude in Playboy.
Yes, if my dream was smaller, that should have been the peak of my life.
Sadly my dream is bigger, I'd hoped that my story would become a book n a Hollywood Movie.

Yes Playboy magazine was my masculine Bible, but my dream coming from where I did was to have a Book written about the adventures of my life.
Playboy magazine is Hugh Hefner's legacy, my story in one issue of it I still hope is not mine.
To all the horny young males of my youth my story in Playboy was n is the one in a million dream come true. 
I get that, I just dreamed a little bigger than that.

RIP Hugh Hefner, your life was the envy of every young male I grew up with.
I'm grateful that my story was a tiny part of your legacy.

Don't Forget

2020 ☑️ PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT #pezoutlaw #holly...

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Amish, dd8-5 #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw


One of my friends is an Amish farrier. I've joked with him that one day soon he might become a very popular guy.

My tin foil hat fear is an EM pulse.

I just think people don't know how to do for themselves anymore. My son Josh n I would be ok, which means our entire family would be ok.

My dad was a getter done kinda guy n even though he thought I was not paying attention. I was.

Add to that the fact that on n off since 1970 I've been my own guy. The, I got a guy thing.

It just seems to me the more technology we get dependent on, the less we know about how to actually take care of ourselves.

Josh n I can take it from the ground to the table. if neccessary make whatever we need.

That EM thing would be a really life altering event for this country.

I just think old Henry n his folks are gonna be real popular.

The Legend of Pez Outlaw has even reached The Amish Community.

A day or 2 ago I explained that our farrier is an Amish person named Henry.
Ole Henry n I see eye to eye on a whole lot of things.
I guess you could say we are friends.

For being Amish ole Henry is a very traveled man. He does not drive cars but people drive him all over the place.

Henry was telling me that recently on a long drive there was a person with a tablet of one type or another.
Henry said, hey there's an article out there somewhere on steve glew, can you find it so I can read it.

Well there you go Pez Outlaw has now reached the Amish community.

A better headline would be "Amish Read Playboy".

No offense intended because I'd be willing to bet you Ole Henry had no idea what publication he was reading that Pez Outlaw story came from. The guy next to him just pulled up the Pez Outlaw Story on his tablet thingy.

To Jeff Maysh, Ole Henry liked the story, said it was pretty good. 

OK, OK, hyping Pez Outlaw n Joking aside.
I really respect the Amish community and Ole Henry specifically.
Henry goes out into our world to earn, then takes it back to his world.
My intent with Pez Outlaw is to emulate that work ethic. 
I hope to go out into a foreign to me world and earn, then take those earnings back to my world to secure our future.


One of my favorite foods after Hungry Howie's cheesy bread sticks is the line of Velveeta meals.
My favorites are Bacon n Cheesy Mac. Warning I give them my own names, not there box names.

My least favorite Velveeta meal is the one that has very small noodles the size of rice.
When I'm done eating I always find myself annoyed at the fake rice. I really like Rice.

Which leads to the same statement over n over. Be rice or be a noodle, don't try to be both.
Last night Kathy had had enough, she threw out the fake rice from the box n replaced it with real rice.
It was yummy.
Next, replace the chicken with hamburger.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary