Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pez Outlaw / Charles Manson. REALLY? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

At times I wonder why my very existence seems to illicit hate.
As it was in the 1990s, it is today.

This Michigan Farmer Made $4 Million Smuggling Rare Pez ... - Playboy

After Jeff Maysh wrote this story about me in Playboy, another story appeared on an online magazine in Spain.

I'd like to show you just 1 paragraph from a very long story that just dripped with a hateful repulsive reaction to my very existence.
To be honest it's not even the worst parts of the story.
I did not obtain permission to re-post this because #1 it's about me n #2 pictures n portions of my writing were used without my permission.

The exert follows in blue type. 

"But Bernard Shaw already said that there is no man who can live on the highest peaks for a long time and it was Steve himself who was responsible for throwing himself down the slope. Sick with ambition and a bipolar disorder that he refused to treat, he began to run wild. "In no way will I medicate myself, at last I have found use of my madness!" He bellowed, unknowingly twisting the wicks of an illegal business based on discretion. The "PEZ Outlaw" starred in reckless shows at the conventions, boasting of his power and his millions. He threw dispensers from the window of his Jeep and showed up at the meetings disguised as a bear. A bear that was taken for invincible, owner and lord of a brand that did not really belong to him. The noise exceeded the advisable decibels when a collector, the Austrian Johann Patek , refused to sell Steve the valuable editions of dispensers he owned. The American smuggler showed up at his house to steal them, with a beard and an anger like Charles Manson and a single goal: to eliminate him from his territory. The thing ended with a car chase from Steve to Patek all over Austria, from which the first came through gracefully bribing the traffic guards with PEZ dispensers stuffed with dollars."

I mean really where to start?

1. The slanted attack on my very personal medical situation.
I mean what did I do to these people to make them want to attack me in such a very personal way.

2. I never threw Pez From my jeep n it was a Gorilla costume not a Bear suite.

3. I never tried to steal pez From Johann Patek, I paid very good for everything I got from him.

4. There was no car chase with Patek, we rode in the same car.

5. Comparing me to Charles Manson????????????
I've never even met you, yet you compare me to Charles Manson.
Where does this type of Hate come from?

6. Johann Patek was only sorta a collector, more importantly he was a dealer who controlled a very large amount of high end product that he sold into the collectors market for decades. I sold over 2 million pez in the lower price range n in 10yrs I ran out of Pez. Johann Patek started selling at least 3yrs before me n continued selling a decade after me. Johan's prices were $25 to in excess of $1,000.00 per pez dispenser.   

This in no way made him evil, I only clarify who Johann Patek was because this story tries to cloak him in the warmth of being simply a collector of Pez. Johann Patek was a very very powerful person within the hobby. So much so that he was paid to attend Pez Conventions n compt rooms n expenses. I never was compt or had a single expense paid by convention runners. To the contrary, I was repeatedly asked n provided free stuff to conventions to help put them, including running ads promoting there conventions.

The main difference between Johann Patek n myself was that he operated mostly behind the scene using others as fronts to sell for him.
While I on the other hand was very visible like a used car salesman, because I had to be. My business relied on roll over n reinvestment. I was the usurper to the King Of Austria, Johann Patek.

You might say, this was written a couple of years ago, Why does it still bother you?
While checking the internals for Notes From The Asylum I notice that I was receiving views for it from this article. Meaning this story is still up online n people are reading it..

I tried to refute this story about me online by posting responses.
My responses were all deleted.

The difference between me n the writer of this is.
Without provocation this writer hates the very thought of me.
With provocation by this writer, I do not hate them at all.
Anyway, you know, Hell of a thing huh.

I will tell you this though.
My experience so far with people who write stories about me/Pez Outlaw has not been a positive one.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Hey Yard Gnome, Is Anything Simple With You? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

The resemblance to yours truly is really amazing.
I find myself wanting to say, "Hi Steve".
God I hate my first name.
I honestly prefer that people avoid using any name when referring to me, you know like how you do when you've forgotten somebodies name.
I'm just not gonna win that one, because people are very insistent on using names.
I really wish that my first name was "Hey Bubba".

For 2 months each year I look like Santa Claus, but for the other 10 months a year I look like a Yard Gnome.

1st issue.
google search spells it gnomb n that's with pics.
spell check has it as gnome.
I'm going with Gnomb, just because the B at the end amuses me.
Correct that, I lost the Battle Gnome it is.

Yes with all the controversy, left vs right, North Korea, the wars, Trump etc.
This is what's been on my mind for the last few days.
How I bare a very striking resemblance to a Yard Gnome.
I suppose I need to get out more, Huh.


Being the internet you might be a little confused, so let me explain.
Everybody loves it when there Mom gives them cookie.
Again not exactly, I'm talking about treats that you give a horse, but it still applies.

Horse Cookies are the bags of special treats you can buy your horse at feed stores.
Now mind you, I'm not talking about the hard peppermint treats that remind you of that bowl of hard candy grandma had that was all stuck together like one big rock.
No I'm talking about the ones made out of grains with apple bits n other cool stuff in them, that actually remind you of real cookies.

Around here Marnie Marie, Cowboy, Gotcha, Roz n Wheezie each get 3 cookies in there bowl of grain every day.
I had to lobby management to get cookies for Wheezie, but I got em.
Here's the thing, the horses know it's special n they hunt for them in there bowl.
It's the kinda thing that tells a horse that there mom thinks that they are special.

Alex Busta wants to know why Wheezer gets cookies n he doesn't.
Really that's exactly what Busta said today.
Poor ole Rebel can't have any, he's a choker.

Breakfast Cereal

I haven't had a proper bowl of Cereal since they took the sugar out of Sugar Smacks.
Everybody got all riled up about Sugar Cereals n ruined them.
Back in the 1950s n 60s they made proper cereal, nowadays it's like eating cardboard bits.

There was an older person I knew whose Doctor told them that they couldn't have coffee anymore, so this person drank hot water instead.
Dear Lord just shoot me.
I eat what I want n I do not go to see Doctors, ever.
I'd rather just fall over than live like that.

Anyway here's my idea.
The cereal companies should make a line of cereal for old folks that has all the good stuff in it like sugar n lots of it.
Lovely Whole Grain Cereal just bathed in GLORIOUS SUGAR.
Look you could market it like alcohol, gotta be 21 to buy it.

I will say this though.
Kathy just bought me some Cap'n Crunch Sprinkled Donut Crunch n you know what, it's pretty good.
How in the world did they get this one by the Food Police?
Only One critique, It could use more SUGAR!

Gotta go, for some reason I'm craving a bowl of cereal.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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