Friday, March 4, 2016

STOP Wishing, Start Doing #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

To me a life should not be defined as one thing or one moment.
For me who I am has and is evolving.
If you are unwilling to change, then your life will remain stagnant.
On the other hand if change is your goal, life can get very interesting.
I need to remind you though, passive desire won't do, you must actively work for the changes that you desire.
Wishing will only get someone else a pond full of coins.

I don't know what legacy I will leave.
If my life has been instructive at all I hope you will take this from it.
No matter what happens you can overcome it.
You don't have to finish as who you have been defined as, even if that's been most of your life.
Look outside the usual for answers.
Always save a penny to pursue your dreams.

In my life I've been defined as many things; a drug addict, an alcoholic, a dropout, diagnosed crazy, a machinist, Pez Outlaw and a horse farmer.
I've also written a book that might become a movie.
In my life I have always pursued change in myself, to be a better person and to find whatever happiness life will allow me.
The first 40 years of my life I could have been a Machinist who retired from the shop n that would have been that.
Then my Grandmother died n left me some money, I took that money n invested it in a dream or an idea to exploit a loophole in cereal premium redemption.
I built on that into pez which eventually yielded 4.5 million dollars and Pez Outlaw was born.

After all of that failed rather spectacularly I could have stopped n let that define me but I did not, I took 10 years n wrote Pez Outlaw Diary.
Now there is interest in the Pez Outlaw story, where it will go I have no idea for sure but again I don't relax n let it ride.
No, every day I come in here for a minimum of 3 hours n write in an effort to improve my odds.

Never take a passive role in the outcome of your life, you are either the passenger or the driver.

Decide which.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The House Subcommittee on Pez #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Hate now in a shallow grave.
My clock seems to run a decade fast.

Today's pursuit is yesterdays confusion.
Change demands release.

I can't go back to yesterday.
My dream is hope for tomorrow.

I'm just an old story teller now, fondly remembering another time. I want my stories to be like Fun Old Yarns, sometimes insightful n they touch you, others just fun or ridiculous.
I believe a big change has come over me or something new about myself has been reveled to me.
I'm no longer the Bomb thrower I was from 2004-2014, Almost all the anger n hate are gone now.
Memories n Regrets are all that remain.
Regrets in that if I had it to do over, I'd do half of it differently.

In my recent decade as a Bomb thrower, I was alone n reviled by many.
Now it's kinda weird that a lot of what I said in that decade is no longer considered Anarchy, damn near seems it's gone mainstream.
Contrarian that is my nature I now find myself on the opposite side of a decades worth of Bitching.
I mean after all, What's the point?
Nothing good for the hobby of collecting Pez will ever come from any of it.

Things that were in previous versions of Pez Outlaw Diary are now gaining traction.
I removed that shit a year or 2 ago, not sure how that version was accessed.
I no longer wish to support or be involved in that conversation.

Yes I still if you put a gun to my head believe these things are true, but I also believe that none of it is useful.
I also believe some of what was done by others was necessary for the growth of a hobby in it's infancy.
Even though done for financial gain, it served a very necessary purpose.
Not things I want to talk about any longer.

To people who want me to join this group or that.
I'm openly saying, these things consume to much of my time n by doing so distract me from working on my principal goals.
If an involvement does not advance the Pez Outlaw agenda, it's not something that I should be involved in.

My life is dedicated to Pez Outlaw until all his goals are achieved.
But I want him to be a kinder gentler Pez Outlaw not a bomb thrower.
His story is the story, his story does not include trying to destroy the hobby of collecting pez.
To the contrary, Pez Outlaw supports n loves the hobby of collecting Pez. 

To often we find out the things we think we need to know the hard way.
Then we realize that this new knowledge did not improve our lives at all.
The last 3 days or week have been a revelation to me.
I had no idea that I'd changed this much. 
It's like I turned a page in my life n you know what?
I actually feel better about myself.

Sometimes you have to be asked, to actually know.
Plus Kathy said I should, so well, you know that's kinda that.
I just don't want to relive that conversation, it just isn't any fun anymore.
I'm no longer that guy, I'm just an old storyteller now.

Princess Bride quote.
"Have fun storming the Castle". 
"Yah Think They'll Make It?" 
"Not A Chance."

On a separate note.
I'd love to sign more Misfits n offer them cheap as possible.
Problem, people want to much for me to buy Misfits to sign. 


I broke my self imposed silence for the following very important message.

Scroll down for The Subcommittee Ruling, that's the good part.

Recently there's been a lot of discussion about guns, pez guns.
I use the first 2 sections to get to my point in the third section of this post.

Pez Guns
Dave Hall let me know if reprinting or use of photos is a problem.

David Hall - Early in September of 2004 I was bidding on a Pez Advertising Regular "Pez Macht Froh" in an ebay auction with the owner being an Austrian Antique Military dealer...
This same Austrian seller was in possession of 197 space guns, 752 candy shooters and 124 Zorro's, and was unsure of how to dispose of them....
A frend of his, in Vienna told him to contact me "Small Town Co" because I had just finished a very high end deal with him and he was please with how I conducted my business, Rememer the cool Box Trademark Locking Cap I won...... So the connection was made, and the PEZ GUN offer was made, as a "lot"......
Now come to find out, the Austrian and I actually had the same Connections here in the State's as we were both very active in the Antique Military Collector's Market and we had several Stateside friends in which we both trusted... So the bond between the Austrian and myself was cemented....
Several Telephone and email Conversations fallowed, and I decided the "deal" was not for me.... so I brought into the picture SJGlew, Steve, I consider a good friend, and having years of whosale transactions between us, knowing he was someone I would trust to the end of the Earth, I made the call to Steve and he was intrigued....
More bantering back and forth, I introduced Steve to my Austrian dealer and a deal was struck between them....For the entire lot......
All was Good in Pez Land.....
Then a couple weeks later, my Austrian friend contact me with a new offer of "more guns".... Ohh my gosh.....
500 shooters and 150 space guns... as a lot......
now I had several options.....
Buy the smaller deal and sit on it untill SJGlew is sold out.....NO
Buy the smaller deal and compete with SJGlew.......NO
Contact a few other high end dealers and offer them the lot to compete with SJGlew...... NO
Buy the deal, break it into smaller lots for everydealer could have a stock of them, and create way too much compitition.....NO
Offer the 2nd, smaller lot to SJGlew..... YES.....
After talking to Steve about deal #2, I could feel the terror that he had been thru befor, and the fun was now becomming nasty business....
How many more are there ?, Who has what ?, What are Austrians sitting on over there ?....
anyway, the 2nd deal was also purchased by SJGlew, hoping this was the end....
Now , 2 months later, 950 more shooters and 300 more space guns show up in Austria.....
Someone is not playing fair and people are getting hurt.... no fun at all....
I called the Austrian and tried to buy the entire lot, just to "make them go away"... No deal.....
so now what, we all sit and watch the story unfold, page by page....
and as a side note... if you have'nt yet, go to ebay and buy SJGlews shooter's....
now, With everyone knowing how many exist does that make them worth any less than they were worth yesterday or two months ago when everyone didn't know how many there were?
They will soon all be absorbed and price's will firm.....

David at Small Town Co.
February 5, 2016 at 1:26pm

My/Pez Outlaw's response.
From Chapter 7. Pez Outlaw Diary.

With The PEZ Guns, I Chose Death.

A recurring theme from the time when I bought n sold pez was the following scenario.
Somebody contacts you with X amount of product n you buy it.
Then they find more, n you buy it.

Then they find more n by now your sick of it but you are told if you don't buy it they will sell it elsewhere devaluing the investment that you've made so far.

Basically Blackmailing you into buying tons of stuff you do not need or want.

Finally with the last time this happened, the orange spacegun n orange shooter deal, I lost it. The gun deal unfolded pretty much as I've explain they always did buying Pez from Europeans. A big initial buy, then wow there is more, then jees I'm as surprised as you, there are more. It would actually be funny except for the fact that it was always so much money involved.

The Europeans always figured each new pigeon was brand new. Unfortunately I was not, not to mention this gun deal fell in the middle of me trying to salvage my life while Pez Corporation was trying to destroy it. Europeans also have selective English speaking skills. If you agree Europeans understand English, If you disagree or ask questions non comprende senor. Once you start saying what Europeans like again, voila there ability to understand English miraculously returns.

Already mad as hell, I sorta lost my mind when that tired, tired scenario I had experience so many times before unfolded once again with the Orange Pez Spaceguns n Shooters. Like I said I lost my mind. Finally having had enough, I told the Europeans to go to HELL. Having already in my possession a large group of product we went to war. The usual threats by them, if you don't buy it we will just sell it to somebody else. My response was I sold the inventory I had at cost & below cost retail to Pez Collectors, thereby destroying the Europeans potential market for there newly found product. I had finally had enough of the European Pez Dealers & there "finds".

I was determined I would have there guts for garters this time. Just once someone would pay for this kind of behavior.

to my knowledge in total there were 
2,202 pez shooters
   647 pez space guns

of that I bought at  $10.00 ea????
1,252 pez shooters
   347 pez space guns 

The Subcommittee Ruling

There are a lot of pez that have entered the Hobby of Pez Collecting under dubious circumstances. 

RARE color variations.
FIND of a rare yet unheard of color variation on NF Pez.
Several Thousand shooters n Space guns.
Previous find followed by rare find of color variations of shooters n Space Guns.
Mysterious sudden appearance of thousands of pez dispensers decade or decades after production n licenses ended. (that smell very fresh, n I got a really good nose over the years)

Finding #1.
Like the USA's Drug trafficking problem.
There would be no Drug Traffickers if there were no Drug users.
In short, stop creating the demand n the problem goes away.

Finding #2.
This one is way more complex but I think a better solution.
Create a data base of the known say with a book closed end date of 6 months out.
People have 6 months to get all there rare finds photographed n into the database, for say a small fee of $3-$5.00 per entry/dispenser or gun.
At the end of that 6 month window, the  book on the known universe is closed n all is forgiven.
After that 6 month drop dead date your finds must go before a committee to be approved for entry as legitimate PEZ into the hobby. 

Create certificates like AKC Dog registration papers that owners of a pedigreed dog get.
These papers of authenticity should follow ownership n be transferred on the database, again for a small say $5.00 fee.
All papers on rare pez colors etc should n must be kept up to date, otherwise the item must appear before the board for reentry into the database.

In short blanket amnesty for items up to a given date, then careful scrutiny by a board after said date.

Another member of the Subcommittee just chimed in.
From Joshua - that other Outlaw.

Committee Determination: As it turns out, PEZ are a lot like diamonds and gold (but not like you might think). Like diamonds, rarity is simply an illusion created by a cartel that controls the flow, maintaining a desired value. Like gold, all of it ever created is still out there, with additional 'finds' absorbed by the increase of collectors into the hobby, just as additional mined gold is absorbed by an ever increasing population on the planet. None are rare, simply tightly controlled and manipulated. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! 


When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.


Pez Outlaw Diary