Saturday, July 2, 2016

pre2016 British Top Gear #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Lately I've become a fan of the pre2016 British Top Gear, because those guys were seriously nuts. 
Ironic thing is I don't give 2 Hoots in hell about cars, I'm a tractor man.

I watch the show because of Jeremy, James May n Richard Hammond.
These 3 guys are a comedy trio the like of which I haven't seen in a long time. 
These 3 are a British modern version of the 3 stooges but with infinitely better dialog n really great camera work.

If pressed I'd say Jeremy, James May n Richard Hammond are a modern British mashup of the base humor/3 stooges n clever wit and anarchy of the Marx Brothers n Monty Python.
I don't laugh out loud at much on TV anymore but I definitely do when watching pre 2016 British Top Gear.

To be totally honest pre2016 reruns of British Top Gear is all I've been watching each night to relax lately.
I heard that the reason Jeremy, James May n Richard Hammond were replaced is because Jeremy hit a producer.

For Christ sake, Jeremy's go to tool for fixing a car is a small sledge hammer. 
Who didn't see that coming.
But that voice, for the last 12 years his voice has been the voice of the show.
N truth time, Once you've heard Jeremy introduce the Stig, especially how he says "THE STIG" in that booming voice.
Honestly, How do you not wish that's what you were hearing now.

Mitigating facts.
If your a viewer of pre2016 British Top Gear you know that the trio that built the show have done n been placed in some pretty dangerous situations.
James May actually drove a truck up to an active volcano to retrieve a piece of lava.
They have driven on roads where one slip up n they were goners.
They drove in some of the most hellish environments on earth. 
Seriously the REAL Top Gear guys drove around in 2011 Iraq.

I've done some pretty crazy shit in my life; Heroine, Alcoholic n all the crazy travel as Pez Outlaw smuggling.
That said there is not a chance in hell I'd do half the stuff the Real Top Gear guys did, but what a fun time it has been watching them do it n reacting to it.

A person on twitter just told me Richard Hammond almost died in a car crash a few years back.
You get anywhere near that n Matt Lablanc's people would pull him in a red hot second.
N Jeremy punched a producer, both hands palms up weighing the importance of the two.

My point is that the producers put them in some pretty hazardous situations.
To think that at some point Jeremy might not take a swing at one of them is kinda a forgone conclusion.
Shit happens when people get stressed.

Honestly I think the punch was just an excuse.
The trios unbending loyalty as petrol-heads was not a popular position in the British media.
Nor was there plain talk, they kinda spoke like real people about a lot of touchy PC subjects.
If you ask me that's why they got fired.

I love Matt Lablanc, he's great, but do you honestly believe he n the new guy would have driven around in 2011 Iraq.
Just watch some of the pre2016 travel episode in all the crazy far flung places then ask yourself.
Do I see Matt Lablanc n the new guy doing this?
I don't Bloody think so.
My guees is 2016 will be silly n safe, Not scary, crazy bordering on lunacy

Comedy is supposed to be irreverent n anarchistic.
I'm not saying Matt Lablanc n that other guys 2016 show is awful.
It's just not the Top Gear I like with Captain Slow, The Hamster n the Big Ape.
I don't care who hit who, FUNNY IS FUNNY! quit being so PC n fix it. 

Shit, hire a body man to stand between Jeremy n producers if you have to.
Though if you did hire a body man for Jeremy, make a thing about it on the show, it would be a great gag. 
Sell it to management as safety n tell Jeremy that he can use it whatever way he wishes for laughs.
I can already see a very imposing figure stepping in live shot to reign Jeremy in n him reacting to it or James May n Richard Hammond calling the guy in n sicking him on Jeremy.
You just don't throw away GOOD! 
You film crazy, you do not cut it off because your feelings are hurt.

The biggest problem pre2016 British Top Gear had is British Media n the producers of the show thought that they were presenting a car show.
When in actual fact they were providing a stage for 3 very good comics. 
Which requires latitude. 

Here's what happened.
I mentioned pre2016 British Top Gear in yesterdays post to illustrate a point.
Well if you know me at all, you know that the fact that it creeped into the post meant I had a lot more to say about it.
N Voila. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Friday, July 1, 2016

The Crazy Paradox #pezoutlaw #hollywood

In response
To state the obvious would be redundant.

1st something a bit unrelated.
I never am quite sure what people are up to when this n that go on in my life.
I can only control what I'm doing.
This comes up because every so often someone from Europe seems to be digging for info on my past life.
I jumped off that bridge almost 2 decades ago, so I just smile n answer politely.
Shoulda or shouldna is history n reduced to a good story.
I would be disappointed though if the motivations were other than honorable.

I don't regret my past but I wouldn't like it if my past was used to hurt someone else.
The reason I don't regret my past or yesterday is that I view every new day as a rebirth.
When I get up each morning yesterday is erased, I use each days rebirth as a new chance to be a better person.
I do not carry yesterday into today, yesterday is almost someone elses life.
That's where my alter ego "Pez Outlaw" comes in, that life was his life n I'm simply his biographer. Life will judge him as it decides.

It would be fare to say that I live in the moment n chronicle my past as a purge.
Should something that happened be hidden? Some would say yes.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Just wanted to say that even if it might actually be Hooey.
Truth is I like telling stories n I don't fear my past.
A hidden past is the only way it can cause you shame.
If you openly own your past nobody can use it against you.
I've told more dirt about myself than a gossip columnist.
I prefer that you hear it from me.

Now For The Crazy Paradox

I honestly don't care if I used the words in the title correctly, it sounds cool n that's good enough for me.
It has a nice ring to it, not like on your finger, but has a good beat n you can dance to it.

par·a·dox - a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

Here I am having a great time extolling the virtues of being crazy, trying to remove the stigma or scarlet letter that once branded us.
Then along come the headlines n crazy is once again the whipping boy for the media.
Years of work down the drain by 1 evil person.

My point is this, why do you try to blame us crazy people for evil.
Evil exists n just like you (humanity) don't want to be tied to it, neither do we (crazies).
These people that do these things are Evil not crazy, please stop grabbing the closest handle when the car stops.
We did not ask that our brains work like this, we are just trying to find what you take for granted, Happiness.

With the current mood n talk, I find myself wondering.
Am I allowed to talk about our side of the story anymore?
Yesterday I told what to me was a joke.
Black people had there President n Women thought that the last election was there turn but nope it was the crazy peoples turn n we got our President.
To me that was funny but I'm just not sure anymore.

All I know is this.
In your rush to judgement n need to find answers, you are re-stigmatizing a large group of people who are just trying to find happiness. 
We crazy people have been getting hammered for generations, when all we are trying to do is fit in your world without sticking out.

I'm going to ignore the current propaganda n tell my fellow crazies this.
Your mind is unique n has value, you view the world around you differently n that perspective has value.
Be at peace with who you are, own it.
Relabel your idiosyncrasies as valuable assets or tool if you will to your potential success in a world you find foreign.

When it's not worth the words, just turn it off.
No need to name it, just accept it n move on.

C1. Crazy Is Easy If You Are Motivated, #pezoutlaw...

So the guy says, we'd like to help you promote your book on amazon.
Well there are only 2 really REALLY BIG problems with that.
One I'm poor n two I can't figure out how to format n submit it to Amazon.
I tried n I really sucked.
Made the cover, submitted what I thought was the book????????????
Epic Fail.
A long conversation later n he ran away.
They always do.
Pez Outlaw Diary

I've never sent an email n I will not talk on phones.To be honest, I think I'd spontaneously combust the second I did.
facebook n twitter, that's it.

Scratch Offs are Karmic Thermometers.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary